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Book Five is currently being written, as well as a prequel series of Sons of Odin. Book Five continues
the second half of the main series, and there will be a sixth book for the conclusion, or possibly
a seventh book in the main series, though whether Book Seven will be a prequel book or an extension
of the main series is as of yet undecided.
In Book Five our Heroes face greater challenges as they learn that the Dark One has grown suddenly much more powerful, assisting his possession demons to the extent that even people not seriously affected by the taint or the curse can become victims of possession.
The Sons and Daughter assemble a new team of Druids and alchemists to try to create a new cure for the madness caused by the taint on teron and the curse upon terael, and their first attempt has some unexpected results, in some ways positive, others negative side effects.
The final draft of Book Five will hopefully be ready sometime late 2016, as this volume is expected to be even longer than Book Four’s four hundred pages in print.
Book Six is not yet under development, and so the plan for the writing is still in the very early stages, mostly ideas in the mind for how the story will conclude for the second half of the series.
It is likely Book Six will also be an additional hundred pages or more than Book Five, as L. A. Hammer has always wanted more detailed stories to create the world he has envisaged.
Book Six should feature the Great Battle, but there are also plans to have some further adventures to the ancient past of Kismeria, including to the Age of Heroes. This idea is both exciting and daunting in the early stages of planning, but the main focus of these inclusions would be for the reader to experience more of the history and adventure of Kismeria, and its Heroes.
The focus of Book Seven is as of yet undecided, though the choices are whether to publish one of the prequel books, or begin one of the books in the middle series, or perhaps to extend the main series to a three book final trilogy series.
The third option is the aim at this stage, though it will depend on how the writing develops over the next three to four years. The middle series will detail the history of Pendral Dragonsword in at least a trilogy series, with another trilogy for the second half that details the life of his son, Rayne Dragonsword. The story of Rayne was in fact where L. A. Hammer began his writing dream at the age of sixteen, and through years of development this story has been deeply integrated in the history of the world of Sons of Odin.
Another consideration of this middle series is whether the history will include further interventions by the Sons of Odin and the Daughter of Thor, as they travel back to the Age of Chaos to assist the son and grandson of Adem Highlander.
The other option would be to write a clear set history of the events that occurred during the Age of Chaos, before the Sons and Daughter intervened in any way in the histories of that Age.
This webpage is under development, and will be updated with sales links to Book Seven in print and possibly ebooks in the future, though a timeframe for when this edition may become published is still undecided, though work will begin on either the middle series or the extended main series once Book Six is published around 2018.

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